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SEL — 30 Years of Innovation

SEL leaders provide an overview of the company's innovations from SEL's introduction of the world's first all-digital protective relay to the SEL ICON. We stand committed to innovation and customer service with our ten-year worldwide warranty.
WashingtonRider : Wow, time flies, already 35 years!

Making of: Clip for fast removable strap [belt] on sony cameras

Hy There,

More or less i need my cameras without strap but sometimes i need them, taking the strap up and down was really annoying for me, so i make a simple clip to remove it or putting back in a second.
They hold 20kg easily so i thing they'r strong enough.
Another positive think there is that i loose annoying sound from the original strap clips (ring) on body

I would bought some clip but the holes in camera body is just about 2mm big, so need some hour or two and make this clips.

Thanks for watching.

Hope you enjoy in video and welcome to watch my other channel:


Tine Sedej:

Foto, video \u0026 editing: Tine Sedej
Camera: Sony A6500-sel 18-200, Sony A6000-sel30 3.5 macro, gopro 4

Music is from YouTube audiolibrarry:
Rev - Eveningland
Mature Patriot Machining : I like your work. Nice strong clips.
Isidoro Maich : nicely done
يارب يارب : Very nice
Agus Novianto : Very Innovative, but sometimes scratch the camera body
Karlo Sokač : hi :D

Neje A40640 40w laser modul [unbox / review / first test] best laser modul modul i try

Hy There,

In this video i'll try to make a review of best laser modul from NEJE manufacturer.
Laser turn out as wery powerfull for cutting, but also better bor engraving like 20 and 30w modul.
Biggest pros of this laser is it's fixed focus, wich focus light into square dot with awesome power.

You can buy the laser modul here here:

40w modul:
All products from neje store:

Neje on banggood:
Neje on gearbest:
(this is my affiliate links, if you buy from that links you get cheaper, and I get a piece of cake)

Neje max:
Neje mini:
Neje vs Neje S (8vs32bit):
Neje master 1:
Ortur master:\u0026t
Neje 20W laser modul:\u0026t
Ortur upgrade:\u0026
Insma laser:

Links to stl files for mounting plate:
and air assist for 30/40w modul:

English language was always pain in the a** for me, I respect every correction, but please be gentle

Thanks for watching.

if you want to support me for more projects like this, my paypal is:

Hope you enjoy in video and welcome to watch my other channel:

Tine Sedej:

Foto, video \u0026 editing: Tine Sedej

Sony A6500 [sel 18-200 f3,5-5,6 Zeiss touit 50 2.8 macro]
Sony A6000 [sel 30 f3.5macro Sigma 30 1.4]

Music is from:Epidemic Sounds:
1: ES_Backyard Stories - Sum Wave
2: ES_No Worries - Daxten
3: ES_You Know - Mefree
4: ES_Be Free With Me (Instrumental Version) - Siine
5: ES_Warm Breeze - Paeta
6: ES_Just About Us - Oman
@sotm2 : I don't know where they come up with 40 watts because NEJE's web site says this module's output is only 10 watts even though it says 40W on the case!!!!
@MrjackieG : A tip for cutting thick material. Do not focus your laser on the surface. If cutting 18mm plywood focus it around 4mm below the surface. If it begins to stop cutting then stop & adjust focus further into the material say 8mm.
@imelman2 : Thank you for sharing your data, including feedrate and pass count, for such a broad assortment of materials. That makes this a valuable video to anyone with one of the new dual diode modules. By posting this, you could end up saving quite a few trees from being wasted on test cuts.
@mastermaker666 : Would be interesting to see what it could do on laminate flooring(usually 6-8 mm thick) as this is an amazingly strong and very cheap material usable for a whole host of projects(structural parts for small machines like belt-grinders, table-saws and more...)
@chrome98 : I received my 40w yesterday. Swapped it out with the 30w today and WOW what a difference! I cannot believe what I've been able to cut in just a single pass. This is like having a co2 laser. Seriously Wow. If you are on the fence about buying this, you can jump down and get your wallet out.




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